How Having a Website Can Boost Your Business

4 November 2023

Digital is the name of the game; the digital revolution is in full swing, and people have developed a tendency to keep their phones closer than their wallets. Companies employ digital tools and techniques to engage, influence, and inform the general public, target audience, and potential clients/customers about their products and services. 

These companies generally have an advantage over their contemporaries who have not yet made the digital leap. According to a survey by Weebly, 56% of consumers do not trust a business without a website. The quality of the website, in terms of content and design, can have a crucial impact on the results, but regardless of that, having a website is no longer an option to stay competitive in the modern business climate. 

Having a website provides you with valuable digital real estate that can be used to establish and increase your digital presence; it is as close to mandatory as it gets in the current era. Studies report that simply having a website can increase business by 15 - 50%. Seasoned enterprises may not have taken a step in the digital direction because they might be intimidated by the fact that they have little knowledge about its applications. 

However, it is easier than ever to apply and learn to use these resources as website developers provide a range of options you can apply according to organizational needs. Plus, getting a handle on the basics is relatively simple, thanks to advancements in tech and usability. 


Here are four excellent ways having a website can boost your business, new or old, small or large. 

Government Mandate:

To regulate online business, the Nepalese Government has recently made it mandatory for online businesses to have a dedicated website, increasing the need for websites even more. 

An Open Channel of Communication:

Websites open up a superb communication channel between your company and its various audiences. Firms can take control of their narrative by providing a nutshell or detailed information about themselves and helping build a brand presence through their site. 

Resources like FAQs and company portfolio can help the audience understand and connect with your organization and encourages them to reach out. Viewers can easily access and engage with the website whenever it is convenient and connect via the contact page and forms that are available 24/7.

Websites are also a great tool to keep in touch with the community. It allows you to connect and communicate with customers and clients at any time and from anywhere.

However, content plays a vital role in helping develop the impression a website may have; it is critical to ensure that the website contains concise and quality information.


Increases Visibility:

Websites are digital billboards that invite the whole world to have a look. It is an irreplaceable part of modern advertising that assists companies with market expansion by putting it on the global map. 

Websites create room for enhanced digital marketing efforts beyond social media presence and help accentuate ongoing efforts to increase reach and visibility. Tools like Search Engine Optimization and intelligent design can do wonders to increase organic reach and are areas that require expert opinion and guidance. Using these tools can help you generate leads instantly. 



Retail businesses, in particular, can benefit to a great extent from having an e-commerce website. A website with e-commerce applications places you firmly in the marketplace of a trillion-dollar industry

Analytical tools within the site can help you understand the demands and behaviors of potential customers and be a great tool to forecast sales and develop strategies. Reviews and ratings left on your products can also help prove the credibility of your organization and form a favorable reputation of reliability and credibility. 


Modern customers expect a legitimate business to have a website and use the internet to search for businesses, collaborators, and partners online. Consumer behavior has changed drastically since the widespread use of the internet, and it is of the utmost importance to keep up with it. 

Not having a website can also lead patrons to view a company as out of touch. Hence, businesses should upgrade and, at the very least, utilize websites to enhance their brand and add reliability. 

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