Growing Together as a Family: The HR Approach that Drives the Success of IIG Companies

4 November 2023

Human beings are complex creatures; unlike machines or AI, the algorithms that dictate human behavior are abstract and mercurial. Yet, they are the source of vitality and the most precious resource of any organization. Effective team management can make or break a company and be challenging due to its impressionistic nature. 

Nowadays, workers are adamant about self-empowerment, and the standards of what they expect from management have risen. Changing cultures and idealisms about what an organization should be requires changes in the approach to Human Resource management.

In this blog post, we share three tips and tricks IIG uses to produce enhanced organizational performance. 


Keep Things Fun:

Happy workers lead to productive results. IIG recognizes that the workplace can sometimes be stressful with lingering deadlines, arduous tasks, and complicated procedures, so it takes active steps to lighten the mood. As the old saying goes, "All work and no play makes for dull people"; changing up the regular work cycle with fun activities that drive community can help remedy this age-old problem.

The human connection must be fostered inside and outside the office space to build a community. Socializing with each other helps the team bond and see itself as a unit. Taking time to hold office events to loosen up the mood, meeting on the weekends to go on a hike together, organizing potlucks, and celebrating festivals are some of the methods IGG implements to build a sense of well-being and allow employees to be emotionally invested in the people that make up the organization. This leads to a higher level of motivation and an emotional investment in the organization.


Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment:

Fun and games can light up the atmosphere of a workplace, but when it's time to get to business, employees need structure and a sense of safety. IIG understands that although strong workplace guidelines help team members stay on a path of productivity, practices like micro-management and authoritarianism hamper healthy work environments and culture. 

To foster a work environment optimal for producing favorable results and growth, IIG managers not only ensure the physical safety of the workplace but also consider the mental well-being of their employees via sympathetic monitoring and emphasizing workers' rights. 

Modern human resource management requires express communication of expectations with a style that enforces accountability and equity for all workers to create an eco-system of success. Furthermore, workplaces should be safe spaces for all personnel, full of diversity and respect. 


Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ):

Managers and Directors often forget that "human" is the word with the most weight in "Human Resource Management." It is more of an art than a science that needs to consider the nuances of human emotions. 

Contextual decision-making that takes a unique person-by-person approach according to the scenario while staying collectively guided has helped IIG maintain a culture of openness and flexibility appreciated by its workforce. Employing emotional intelligence helps the company sustain a feeling of compassion. 

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that utilizes the power of human empathy to empower the workforce. It helps develop a positive influence by helping management guide workers by understanding their motivation and character to increase productivity

EQ can also help handle emotionally charged situations with fine distinction and sensitivity. The application of emotional intelligence is not limited only to office premises; it assists the workforce in balancing their emotions and becoming capable of working in any environment. 


Use of proprietary Human Resource Management Software:

IIG uses its proprietary HR management software developed by the ISO 9001:2015 QMS-certified company Techart Trekkies. Techart is part of the IIG group of companies, and the HR software it developed assists IIG with the administrative side of Human Resource management. 

The software helps the organization maintain detailed information about the employees and to keep a record of important documents. Additionally, it grants the employees quick access to the company guidelines and helps to manage leaves. The system allows employees to apply for leave via its leave form and keep an accurate record of them for future reference. 

The automated nature of the software makes it so that the HR executives of Group IIG can pay attention to aspects of employee management beyond record keeping, like formulating ways to motivate employees and implementing policies that support the company and its workers equally. 


IIG implements these techniques on a day-to-day basis and complements them by taking measures that help magnify the capabilities of its staff members. It encourages employees by teaching them skills like public speaking, presentation techniques, coordination, and collaboration to help expand their horizons and make them well-rounded contributors. Additionally, the HR executives help team members develop confidence and reduce nervousness through friendly counseling. 

While taking these pages out of the IIG book will strengthen HR policies, addressing only those points is insufficient. Proper Human Resource Management should focus on enhancing the skills of the employees. The aim should be to find the fine line between the human and technical side of the business to create a scenario that promotes a professional environment akin to family. It is vital to understand that human resource management influences all other management areas, and companies should upgrade their HR policies to adjust to innovations and trends keenly and continuously. 


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