16 Glorious Years of IIGN

5 November 2023

2007 was a very different time. Steve Jobs introduced the world to the revolutionary tech that is the iPhone, the housing bubble popped, leading to an international financial crisis, and Rihanna's Umbrella was causing a global sensation.

Amidst all the international stir, a small bud blooms in Nepal; Mr. Sanjeev Mainaly established the India International Group Nepal (IIGN). The logistics company started as an ambitious group of young logistics solutions providers and is now one of the most recognizable names in the logistics industry. 

Established on the auspicious day of Lakshmi Puja, throughout its 16-year history, IIGN has provided excellent global logistics solutions to countless clients and helped put Nepali logistics service providers on the international map. The company has set a precedent of innovation in the industry by quickly adapting to and adopting logistics industry trends. 

Furthermore, by being on the cutting edge of logistics technology, it has displayed its capacity to provide top-notch supply chain management and freight transportation services. 

IIGN can also be credited as the father of all Group IIG companies. It is the spark that established the IIG brand name in the marketplace. The company paved the way toward success and is the centerpiece of the corporation.

During the company's 16-year history, its founder, Mr. Sanjeev Mainaly, has accomplished some incredible feats! The highlights of these accomplishments are as follows:

  • Help bring about revolutionary changes in logistics policies, such as advocating for 21 days of free time for containers in Nepal.
  • Building the first-ever Nepali logistics software.
  • Advocating for the rule of law and proper following of procedures in the Nepali logistics sector. 
  • Aiding the survey conducted by shipping lines to understand the supply chain from Vishakapatnam to Birgunj.
  • Advocating to increase the free time in Birgunj from four days to fourteen days.

His efforts were recognized by the Nepal Freight Forwarders Association, and he has recently been granted a seat as a member of the Land Sea Committee in the renowned organization.

He has been working tirelessly to upholster the rule of law in the Nepali logistics sector, reducing the overwhelming power of outside forces in the local industry and mitigating the rampant corruption that leads to a loss of national revenue. His efforts have been aimed at advocating a systematic and lawful environment for logistics and business processes.

No matter how great a leader is, a company is nothing without its staff. Competent workers can either make or break an organization. Despite beginning at a time when the world was facing one of the most devastating economic crises since the great depression, IIGN managed to persevere and come out as experts capable of handling any situation thanks to its excellent workforce. 

The company's longevity is due to its employees' dedication, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears who left no stone unturned to make it an inspirational story of triumph. It is them who are the true heroes of this story. 


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